little + little = less. (2)

a month ago we talked about simplifying wall space.
did you miss any items that you removed a month ago?
if so, find a place for those ones and return them to your walls.
perhaps you have a pile of past wall coverings awaiting my post.
so here goes:
take a look at the items you decided to pull down off the walls.
decide if you still agree with your decision to do away with them.
maybe you really still like one of the frames or maybe just the artwork inside of a frame...separate them and keep the half you like.
look at each item and think about the right place for each:
a family member or friend?
a consignment store?
a thrift store?
the garage (storage) for decorating a future space (nursery, office, playhouse, laundry room make-over, etc.)
load the unwanted items into your car/local bus/bike trailer this week and haul them/send them off to the proper places.
feel the lightness of your physical space and your mind space, let it settle over you and enjoy.

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