replaced vehicle.

i told you i'd love to live without a car and yes, that is far easier said than done.
we've bought a 1990 jeep cherokee from friends (the car once lived in california, too).
the pros:
it's quirky...some aspects remind me of my first car (1969 vw bug...this would be a con on d's list).
it has four wheel drive for our winter weather.
it has lower mileage than our subaru did.
it's roomy.
we should be able to do basic maintenance ourselves.
it has a 2003 santa barbara waterfront parking pass on the windshield and "805" stickers inside and out.
we could afford to pay cash for it.
the cons:
the fabric lining along the ceiling is sagging down and shows evidence of a previous owner trying to staple it back into place. 
we're not sure how long it'll run.
it has lower gas mileage than the subaru or mini did.
the cassette player is broken (yes, we had some tapes to test it out).
the windshield is cracked.

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