backyard projects: garden fence.

we spent some time this weekend putting a fence up around our garden.
we've been having trouble with little boys and little chickens having their way with the rows, so we knew we had to find a barrier.
 (the materials)
(getting started)
after brainstorming a myriad of options, price points, materials, and solutions, we settled on green plastic netting and metal stakes.
we hope it will blend in with the growing garden once it's lush and we figure it can be removed in winter should we decide we only want it seasonally.
(d hard at work)
(from a distance)
the price was manageable as well...just around $100.


  1. Great job! Fences are such a great way to protect your assets, such as garden, while adding appeal and value to your home and backyard. Thanks for sharing your post!

  2. You may likewise need to paint it to coordinate the others yet that is not all that much work. fence installation


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