little + little = less (3): fridge surface.

(a friend asked me if i'd ever considered writing a book.
i thought maybe this space would be a good one to share my ideas/content for now.
little + little = less is filled with my ideas to declutter and simplify in all areas in order to have a more peaceful life.)
fridge surface
let's take a look at your fridge...no not inside, just the outside. 
is it magnetic? 
then i'm talking to you.
what's attached to your refrigerator and what's it attached with?
any past due reminders sent in the mail?
any photographs that no longer lift your spirits when you glance at them?
any magnets sent free in the mail that you really never liked?
any silly magnets with sayings that don't resonate with you if you really consider what they're saying?
let's make piles-take everything down one by one and place it in piles according to criteria:
file elsewhere
keep on fridge
magnet i like/keep
magnet i hate/don't care to keep
now take a look at your clean and empty fridge surface.
spray it down and wipe it clean.
go back to the piles and DO the action:
recycle the items, refile the items elsewhere, act upon appointments/reminders that waited on the fridge.
organize the items you want to keep.
make them presentable and useful.
(little + little number 1 and number 2)

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