the end of daily post attempts.

june 12, 2014
it turns out my time in this space is feeling like pressure instead of fun.
as i attempted to sign off for good, i received so many personal emails, calls, or texts letting me know it would be greatly missed.
over the past two weeks away i have realized that there are parts of this process that i'd really miss as well.
why not keep going at a slower pace and just for fun?
if you want more interaction, let's keep in touch via email, facebook, or instagram.
there is an email sign up in the sidebar if you'd like email updates when i post something new...that way you don't have to check in everyday and see an older post. 
thanks for stopping by and viewing our happenings these past 5 years.
i'll attempt to be here on (at least) a weekly basis sharing recipe links, home projects, family updates, and such.
until we meet again.


  1. so sad; this is the only blog i read everyday :( you will be very missed, friend!!

  2. ditto for me! i will miss your writing and RECIPES! xoxo

  3. Happy to hear your update! I popped by tonight hoping by chance you had a change of heart. I greatly enjoy your blog. Write only when you feel 'it'


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