2.25 years old.

nicolai's basic schedule these days is: up at 7-7:40 (with some variation), down for a nap anywhere from 12-2pm when he sleeps for one to three hours, then down for bed sometime between 7-8pm.
he is showing his true taurus self in that he can't be rushed, but with communication and basic reasoning he often comes around...if not, setting a timer for stopping an activity or leaving the house works sometimes, too.
thankfully, i am rarely in a hurry and we are able to do what we need to do with very little stress.
he and his cousin, tyden, can be awfully rough as evidence shows on the side of his nose in the above picture.
he loves to stand at the sink for "water time", he asks to go to the playground almost daily, and is taking more interest in throwing balls and frisbees, asking "can you catch it to me".
pretty cute.

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