2.5 years old.

nicolai is most definitely two years old, finding great humor in himself when he's testing his parents.
he is a helper in the kitchen: cracking eggs, adding ingredients to the mixing bowl, stirring, looking through the oven door to check the cooking progress, or washing/peeling veggies (with help).
he seems to know most of his colors, though red and yellow are often both called yellow.
some of his favorite things to do lately are playing with blocks, trains, cars, play dough, painting, drawing, leaf pile jumping, hitting balloons back and forth to someone and reading books together.
he likes checking in on the firehouse near our playground to visit the firefighters and twice now he's been given a little fire truck tour and once an ambulance tour.
at the library, dentist, playground, grocery store...you name it, other parents comment on his speaking ability...he speaks quite clearly in complete sentences.
if he doesn't remember a word, he'll stop mid-sentence and tell us, "i don't know that word", so we try to brainstorm together to figure out what's missing and only once has he been left completely frustrated when we were no help.
we have just entered the constant "why" line of questioning...oh my.
he remembers past experiences with surprising detail, sometimes things i wouldn't have recalled that are indeed true.
recently he's asked if he can hug his brother, so he hugs my belly.

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  1. Lol! This is so cute :) Wish we could here him talk! I know where he gets that impressive memory...!


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