thinking towards thanksgiving.

this year we'll be celebrating with local family and friends, as we typically do.
recipes start to swirl in my mind and online this time of year so in an effort to create a large meal without all the responsibility falling to our host, we've taken on some parts of the meal.
we plan to make our cranberry sauce  (tradition since 1999 when i hosted my family in my apartment sophomore year in college because a retail job kept me six hours north of home).
d will bake fresh rolls.
a spinach and persimmon salad my mother-in-law brought to the feasting table in tahoe a few years ago.
a dessert...still up in the air on this one...any favorites you'd suggest?

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  1. Hey cousin!
    I've been thinking about my extended Colorado family lately. I hope you're all doing well. I made this cake recently and it came out beautifully:


    Not too sweet, pretty in a rustic way and best of all - it's better on the second or third day so you can make it ahead of time.

    Peace + Love,


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