3 years old.

oh my, we hit 3 and it's changed everything.
we're revamping and tightening up our timeout procedures and our behavior expectations.
all that aside, nicolai continues to love books and listening to stories.
he loves playing with trucks, kicking a ball, and is showing interest in baseball (much to d's delight).
he continues to be a great napper (most days) and sleeps well at night.
he cracks us up with the things he says and is beginning to feel out how to joke with someone.
daytime diapers are a thing of the past though his preferred place to pee is outdoors.

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  1. 3 has been so hard for us and I'm counting down our days to 4 when I hear it gets much better! I had to giggle with pee'ing outside as Sebastian is the same way ;)


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