looking back on our week.

sunday morning beauties.
now that i'm off dairy, (it seems to be helping matteo's skin like magic) i'm eating a whole lot more fruits and veggies.
the kite festival was beautiful and fun and a nice break from the clouds and rain that may has brought.
  matteo in the bumbo.
 matteo in the high chair...rice cereal is not a fav.
 nicolai did his own hair.
with bag balm...ick.
 our first purchase for matteo's room.
(yes, the walls are still yellow, boo.)
 matteo in the johnny jump (it was a week of new things for him!).
 nicolai (in the blue hat) gets right up front at read aloud.
 kisses from a big cousin while i was at pilates.
 racing, ears plugged, to see the passing train in old town.
getting the hang of a half roll.

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