3.5 years old.

nicolai is now three-and-a-half.
his loves:
listening to books
"reading" books he remembers the words to
his saucony sneakers
screen time
jumping (usually on couch (not allowed) or beds instead of our two trampolines, huh?)
homemade macaroni and cheese
rewatching equipment he's seen in real life with dad on the ipad.
kick biking
practicing baseball in the front yard
making and playing with play dough 
borrowing items from friends and family
playing with our neighbor girl

we are sometimes busy outsmarting said three-and-a-half year old.
him: practically just rolling out of bed and whining for screen time.
me: "well, you don't have to have screen time today, but if you want some it happens in the afternoon before nap."
him: "ok"...not a whine, not a whimper.
(heeheehee...can this last forever?)

we are still figuring out how to get food into him at mealtimes...is three bites really gonna be enough!?!?

and some outtakes, because all this happened (and more) in the span of 3 minutes:

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