recipes worth repeating(dedicated to you, ab)

i recently borrowed the smitten kitchen cookbook from our library.
we made the spaghetti squash tacos and the salted brown butter crispy treats (we used to avoid marshmallows as they are not vegetarian but we've let that slide on occasion...think s'mores, campfires, and now this delicious recipe.)
these cauliflower wings (we use bbq sauce) are fun for a night of sports on tv.
and in the spirit of "cauliflower is the new kale" (though i bet something is anxiously waiting in the wings...isn't cauliflower's moment nearing it's end?) we cooked up some friend rice (off the cuff) using cauliflower rice instead of our usual brown rice.
and those easter recipes with friends in south dakota?
braised artichokes with tomatoes and mint (we used capers not anchovies and totally cheated with canned artichokes).
cacio e pepe potatoes.
cannellini beans with spinach (again we used canned beans).


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