4 years old.

nicolai turned four yesterday.
he continues to like to cook, play with trucks, ride his bike/kickbike/scooter.
recently he's taken some community classes and gotten some exposure to life outside of our home and "our tribe" (this is rare for us).
with plans to attend a co-op preschool in the fall it's been great to see him embrace these new experiences with excitement and confidence.
he's started to tell jokes that he makes up...some really make us laugh out loud because they're just so random...still getting the hang of it.
he's a huge fan of his new bunk bed and continues to love listening to us read books (we recently finished the magic treehouse chapter book series).
his afternoon routine includes quiet time alone in his room which often still includes a nap, though that's up to him and his mood/need on any given day.
we really feel lucky to have nicolai in our family.

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