we went to new orleans.

d and i celebrated our tenth anniversary in new orleans.
(way back in july...excuses)
our travel criteria: 
1. stay in the usa
2. go somewhere with it's own culture
3. go some place neither of us had ever been
4. eat, eat, eat
new orleans kept popping up on a lot of my food podcasts and suddenly i realized perhaps that was our destination...d agreed.
we used uber, the beloved streetcars, and our feet to get around during our trip.
the details:
we stayed at the q & c, a boutique hotel we found through a marriott perk we used.
the room was surprisingly small but not being picky we found it worked just fine for us.
after settling our things into our room we headed straight to domenica to try the pizza and the cauliflower.
that night we sat and enjoyed some drinks at arnaud's richelieu bar, chatting with the bartenders and getting a taste for the place...sazerac, french 75, souffle potatoes.
jazz brunch at arnaud's was worth the experience but we wouldn't necessarily feel the need to do it again.
district donuts sliders brew was a fun late morning rainy day destination.
once the rain stopped we wandered the garden district and magazine street.
we wandered bourbon street sampling the famous if not sickeningly sweet hand grenade.
one day we wandered the bywater heading over the rusty rainbow bridge to crescent park and later returning for a bit of time at bacchanal for wine and music.
after a bit of a disappointing but light dinner at napoleon house (though we got to try their famous pimm's cup and if we were meat eaters would have certainly tried their muffuletta) we found our way to willa jean for a second and more satisfying dinner.
shaya was our very favorite meal during the stay.
 (a recent podcast interview with chef alon shaya)
of course a couple nights ended at cafe du monde for beignets and cafe au lait.
before flying home we spent the sunny midday sitting out at pat o'briens for a hurricane and mint julep then tried the black eyed peas at the bar inside brennan's.
i recently heard a podcast all about vegetarian and vegan options in new orleans, so there are many new ideas should there be a next time.

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  1. Love the pics! Got me craving a yummy, deep-fried sumpin' or other right about now!


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