2.25 years old.

matteo is developing his own little personality.
he likes to sing, dance (usually spinning in a circle), and sometimes recites ring around the rosy (or the parts he recalls) while walking in a circle on the trampoline or spinning in the house.
he's a jolly guy often trying to make peers laugh by making a "grr" sounding belly laugh all his own.
he still calls his brother "gogo" (his version of "nico" we think) and when he actually uses nicolai, it's just two syllables: "nick-lie".
he can usually be found sucking his thumb and we are certainly seeing the effects of that on his teeth/bite.
he loves playing toy kitchen and often helps cook in the real kitchen as well.
he's a slobbery mess when playing with vehicles as they make a lot of engine noises all produced by him.
he's been saying "i love you" once in a while and at bedtime as i'm making my way out of his room he tells me, "wait sec mama".
his basic schedule: up in the morning between 6:40-7:30, down for a nap usually about 12:30 for 1.5-2.5 hours, asleep for the night by 8.

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