favorite kitchen tools.

design mom recently wrote a post referencing an old post of hers...an interview of a writer/cook and her favorite kitchen things then and now.
it got me thinking why not write a similar post of my own?

vitamix: we bought ours at costco after years of wishing and hoping. we use it for smoothies, hot cocoa, pureed soups, dips, frozen fruit/yogurt treats, hummus, red sauce, etc. etc. etc. our food processor died and we just use this instead on pulse with the tamper. there are days this machine gets multiple workouts.
staub pot: this pot is a dream for soups. we needed to make two pots of minestrone one christmas and that was proof to us that this pot ruled: everything just cooked better in it than the other pot used that night.
wooden spatula: i used to always reach for my rubber spatula, but since one bit the dust this has been my go-to for sauteing.
microplane: so great for grating parmesan at the table, zesting citrus, scattering chocolate shavings...
lemon press: we use this for big or small lemon/lime juicing jobs.
wood cheese board with a handle (similar): i can't tell you how many pb&j sandwiches i make these days and this is my surface of choice.

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