5 years old.

nicolai is now five years old.
he's had a successful year in a monday, wednesday, friday half day pre-k program (just four days left).
he has made some new friends and had a few over to play or gone to play at others' homes...feels like such a new phase.
he is outgoing, though occasionally nervous, but able to express that to us easily.
he insists he'd like to be in full day kindergarten next year instead of the extended day (and free) option...he wants to be there for all the learning he says.
he continues to love being read to and has a memory like a steel trap.
of course we are occasionally challenged by grouchy moods, limit pushing behavior, and angry outbursts, which can be maddening...parenting can be quite the wild ride, no?
he's enjoyed swimming lessons over the last four months and is now moving on to tee ball for a bit.

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