2.5 years old.

we recently celebrated matteo's half birthday.
he's a playful and imaginative guy, really expressive...making faces when explaining things, whispering "oh wow" for all different reasons, and screeching/yelling/crying when he finds it necessary...oy.
when meema comes over to play he often directs their games and interactions with make believe.
we are often the spectators at nicolai's activities and he's really a good sport about watching or finding simple things to do while waiting.
he refers to himself in third person mostly saying matteo instead of me or i.
he's more destructive than we are used to, damaging things occasionally and being generally more rough than we've seen in the past.
he counts from 3-7 no matter what he's counting and often answers people's "how old are you" question with "seven".
he asks, "mama, can you pick me up" EVERYDAY...multiple times a day...starting first thing in the morning.
we love him so.

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