sad and tragic times.

we seem to cycle through times of scary tragedy lately, don't we?
as a kid i remember thinking "well, those things don't happen HERE".
perhaps i simply wasn't made aware of anything particularly tragic on our own land back then.
my first memories of tragedy "here" were  oklahoma city (1995) and the atlanta olympics (1996).
now these unspeakable tragedies happen the world over at a rate that they become less impactful upon my memory, yet even more heartbreaking at the time they're reported.
as a mom i certainly want my children to feel safe in this world and i want to ensure i'm raising men and women that understand the power each of us has to spread love and kindness instead of hate and unspeakable wrong upon others.
at dinner each night we ask if anyone saw love or kindness during the day.
what do you do in your family to keep things positive and turn your littles' minds and hearts toward the good in our world/doing good in our world?
i hope any of you personally affected by the las vegas events (i'm so so sorry) can find comfort during this terrible time.
on the rare occasion our mom took us to church as little girls, we attended a church of christian science where we stood in a circle and sang the words "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me"...fitting words for today...i can ultimately only control myself...with great hope for all others.
may YOU witness and spread love and kindness today, k

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  1. Thank you for sharing your dinner routine... Such a nice conversation to have around the table.


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